Darja Shatalova is a multidisciplinary artist focusing on the structuralisation and systematisation of data, describing current events of her environment and the personal microcosm.

In a continuous notation process, she creates multi-layered, coded expressions composed of symbols, mathematical signs, colour codes and assignments, serving the purpose of analysis and pattern recognition.

The data, collected in the form of graphical records in artist's books, is translated into space-based installations, long-term performances and sound compositions. Whereby, the transformative process constitutes a central element of the working method.


Natalie Adame: Isometría

Idílica Magazine, Oaxaca de Juárez (MX) (20.02.2024)

Liudmila Kirsanova: Interview with Darja Shatalova

Vienna Time Podcast, Vienna (AT) (28.10.2023)

Rainer Zendron: Kurvendiskussion

Opening Speech Oberösterreichischer Kunstverein, Linz (AT) (11.05.2023)

Chantal Schlacher: Von Punkten, Strichen und vom Leben

Resonanzen Store Magazine, Vienna (AT) (05.05.2023)

Laura Horne: 1030 Days

Tussle Magazine, New York (NY) (17.02.2023)

Michal Stolárik: Zu Gast

Munchies Art Club Magazine, Vienna (AT) (28.01.2023)

Marija Nujic: 1030 Days - Codes of a Space-Time

Les Nouveaux Riches Magazine, Vienna (AT) (27.12.2022)

Lenka Stepankova: Pearlescent Clouds

Artmirror Magazine, Budapest (HU) (13.09.2022)

Anamarija Batista: Return to refresh

Handout Sehsaal, Vienna (AT) (03.05.2022)

Hanna Schoenhof: Plan D & Interview with Yannis Kostarias

Art Verge Magazine, Athens (GR) (17.01.2022)

Valentin Häckl: Pars pro toto

Les Nouveaux Riches Magazine, Vienna (AT) (04.10.2021)

Liudmila Kirsanova: Jamais vu II

KubaParis Magazine, Bonn (DE) (06.07.2021)

Daniel Lichterwaldt: Interview mit Darja Shatalova

Les Nouveaux Riches Magazine, Vienna (AT) (27.06.2021)

Liudmila Kirsanova: Auf der Leitung stehen

Les Nouveaux Riches Magazine, Vienna (AT) (18.05.2021)

Julia Hartmann: To track or not to track - that's not really the question

Jules & Art Blog, Vienna (AT) (18.02.2021)

Tabitha Nagy: Mathematics and art, time as a topic and reacting to the contemporary

Artists Current Podcast, Munich (DE) (13.12.2020)

Dr. Simone Moser: Interview with Darja Shatalova

mumok insider: Art Book Day #3, Vienna (AT) (10.12.2020)

Liudmila Kirsanova: Srsik

XXVII Pushfest online, Pskov (RU) (06.06.2020)

Björn Hegardt: Rules of the Game: Coding against Convention

Fukt Magazine #18: The System Issue, Berlin (DE) (12.09.2019)


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photo: Elena Kristofor / Laura Sperl